How to Apply

The University of Lincoln operates an online accommodation application system for all prospective students. If you are hoping to stay on campus or in off campus accommodation managed privately you still need to apply through the University application system.

We understand for almost everyone this is a very new experience, and may be quite daunting. So we have put together a step by step guide which will help you apply for your accommodation.

Step 1: Application opens 1st March

From midday on 1st March the application system is open to any applicant who has accepted their course offer via UCAS, as either their first choice or insurance choice. To apply you need to have accepted your offer at least 24 hours/1 working day before you wish to submit an application. You will need your 11-digit University of Lincoln applicant ID, which is provided by the admissions department. You will have received this in your academic offer and it will also be included in an email which will be sent to you when you are able to apply for your accommodation.

Step 2: Register online

Once you have your Applicant ID and are ready to begin making your accommodation application, it’s time to register on our system. To do this click here  and select ‘Register’. You will need to enter personal details such as your first name, surname and date of birth which must match those held for you by UCAS for your registration to be successful. Once registered, you will receive a validation code via email which will enable you to log in to the application system.

*Please note, prospective students won’t be able to register before the system opens at midday on 1st March.

Step 3: Log in and start
  • Log in, and then select the ‘New Application’ link in the top toolbar
  • You will then need to select the correct application type, course type, session and pathway from the options available.
  • You will then be able to browse the available accommodation options. To add an option to your preferences, click the ‘Apply’ button beside your chosen development and then select the room type you would prefer.
  • You will need to choose six choices of accommodation in order of preference.
  • Click ‘Next’ and move on to ‘Further Details’. This is the section where you can let us know if you have a medical condition or disability which we would need to take into consideration when allocating you a room. As before, if you select ‘Yes’, a text box will appear so you can give us a bit more information.
  • If you believe you have any additional requirements due to a disability or medical condition that will affect your accommodation allocation, please email separately to your accommodation application.
  • Click ‘Next’ when you are happy with all of the information that you have entered.

*Please note, if you wish to specify additional preferences like friend requests or preferences within a building (e.g. if you wish to be placed on the ground floor etc.) then you will be able to do this when you accept your offer of accommodation. If you are allocated to university managed accommodation then you will be able to add this during the online accommodation agreement acceptance.

Where possible, the University will take these into account when allocating to specific rooms, but please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfil any of these additional accommodation preferences.

If you are allocated to an Off Campus Partnership Hall of Residence, then you would need to make that request to the development directly once you have your offer of accommodation.

Step 4: Review and submit

On the ‘Application Summary’ screen you will be able to review all the choices and preferences you have entered on your application. Check everything is in order before clicking ‘Submit’.

You will then be taken to a screen titled ‘Submit Application’, which confirms your application is completed, but not yet submitted. The final step is to accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Yes’ at the bottom of the screen to submit your application. You will then see a screen confirming that your application has been submitted.

Step 5: What happens next

Your application will remain in the state ‘Awaiting Verification’ until your place at the University is validated by the University Admissions Team. This usually happens around A-Level results day. For September Intake allocations of accommodation will start to go out via email from ‘A Level’ results day.