Packing to move to university can be a big task and it is not always easy to know which items you will need, and what can be left behind.  

It is likely that as we get closer to September and the arrival period, you will start thinking about what household items you need to purchase, such as pots, pans, and bedding.  

To help, we have compiled the following information. 

Items on the list with ‘LC’ next to them are specific to Lincoln Courts and Lincoln Courts Value. This is because the set-up and provided items are slightly different. 

What Items are Provided 

Your accommodation at the University of Lincoln will include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area.  

The details of this will vary depending on the type of room that you book and your residence.  For example, Lincoln Courts offers both en-suite and shared bathroom options and students can book which type of room they prefer. The en-suites in Lincoln Courts are wet rooms.  

All our other properties offer an en-suite as standard, and these include a large shower with glass doors, sink and toilet.  

Below is a list of the furniture and items which are provided:  



  • Fridge/freezer 
  • Oven, hob and overhead extractor fan 
  • Microwave  
  • Kettle  
  • Iron and ironing board  
  • Mop and bucket  
  • Dustpan and brush 
  • Hoover 
  • Dining table and chairs  
  • Sofa/seating area  
  • TV (Excluding LC) 
  • Bin 
  • Fitted lighting 
  • Plug sockets (Dual sockets with USB in some properties)


  • ¾ bed with mattress  
  • Single bed with mattress LC  
  • Wardrobe with rail and shelving 
  • Desk  
  • Operative chair  
  • Desk chair LC 
  • Waste bin 
  • Some form of shelving/fitted storage  
  • Fitted lighting 
  • Plug sockets (Dual sockets with USB in some properties) 


  • Shower  
  • Toilet  
  • Sink  
  • Towel rail or hook 

En-suites in Lincoln Courts are washrooms 

What to Bring 

Imagine that you are moving into a house which has all the white goods supplied, but no accessories. You will need to bring all the items which you use day-to-day to cook, clean and live, but you won’t need to bring white goods such as a mattress, bin, or a kettle. 


Try to think about your bedroom in different sections: the bed, study area and wardrobe. Then bring items which will add personality to the room and make it your own like pictures, decorations and posters. 

For the bed, you will need to bring a mattress topper, duvet, pillows and bedding sets. Lincoln Courts has single beds and for all other properties, we recommend buying double bed sizes. You may also like to bring some decorative pillows and a throw. 

The study area is a chance for you to set up a workstation in your room, but also a space for storage and personalisation. Think about what items you need for your course and studying – books, stationery, equipment – then work around this by buying storage boxes, pen holder, stands etc.  

When it comes to packing clothes, think about the different activities which you would like to do when you arrive and the clothes you will need: sports or the gym, loungewear, going out clothes, casual outfits etc. Also, remember that the seasons will change, so make sure you have some warmer clothing items packed, too. You will need to bring coat hangers! 


The bathroom may be the easiest room to pack for, as the list is nice and small! You will need to bring towels and your preferred toiletries, soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste etc. 

We recommend bringing a shower mat and some form of storage to keep smaller items in. 

Don’t forget toilet paper and your toothbrush charger (if electric)! 


For the kitchen, you will need to bring all your cooking equipment, cutlery and utensils. As well as tea towels, kitchen rolls, and cleaning items like washing up liquid.  

Over the summer, you will see popular retailers such as Wilko selling ‘Student Kitchen Packs’ which will include two mugs, two glasses, two plates, a saucepan, a baking tray etc. These are great to get you started and will include most of the essential items.  

Top Tip: Buy cutlery with a colour handle so that it is easy to identify which is yours!  

Items to Leave at Home 

There are some items which we ask you not to bring, these include: 

  • Pets or live animals (including fish, and small rodents) 
  • Candles and incense sticks
  • Diffusers and fragrance burners 
  • Electric powered lights  
  • Portable heaters 
  • Your car (unless you have secured a parking permit) 
  • Deep fat fryer