Moving away from home is an exciting and new experience, with many students making friends for life in their accommodation.  

That’s why it is important that your new home-from-home is right for you, and those that you live with have a mutual understanding and respect for your living preferences. 

Meeting new people is a great way to settle in, and whilst you may want to make new friends and enjoy new experiences, some people prefer to keep this away from their apartment, knowing they can return to a quieter and more predictable living space. 

If this sounds like you, a ‘Quieter Living’ apartment may be just what you are looking for; grouping you with like-minded students who share your wants and needs for your time living at the University of Lincoln. You will still be free to enjoy the social benefits that university can offer, but you will make an extra effort to be mindful, considerate, and respectful with your fellow residents.  

Little things can make a ‘Quieter Living’ apartment great, such as agreeing to not make avoidable noise after 9pm or before 8am, being considerate with how many guests you have over and their behaviour and taking extra care to avoid disturbing your housemates.  

In a ‘Quieter Living’ apartment, residents will be grouped with others who desire that little bit of extra calm in their new home. With everyone wanting a similar experience, you can be reassured that your stay with us will be spent with those who are looking for a similar environment. 

All our residents are subject to a Code of Conduct, so with or without choosing a ‘Quieter Living’ apartment, our student community should be courteous and respectful towards their flatmates.  

Our 24-hour security presence will monitor any noise complaints that arise across all residences.