Your Accommodation Offer

If you have made an application for accommodation you will be made an offer once your status with the University has been validated by the University’s Admissions team. This usually happens in mid-August on or soon after A-Level results day.

If you are offered University managed accommodation you will be notified of your offer via email, and it will appear within the ‘Agreements’ tab on your accommodation bookings page where you made your application.

The guide below will assist you in accepting an offer for University managed accommodation.

If you have been offered off-campus accommodation you will receive your offer information directly via email. For more information on off-campus and non University managed accommodation offers click here.

Step 1. (For on campus & University managed accommodation only)

Once you are logged in to Accommodation Bookings, click on the dashboard heading at the top of the page to view any offers for university managed accommodation.

For illustration purposes the offer used on this page is for a Lincoln Courts en suite room. Other offers will carry different rates and agreements.

Click ‘Accept’ to begin the process of accepting your offer.

Step 2.

The first page you will see is the ‘Key Facts’ area, this will give you an outline of the offer you have been made.

Step 3.

Next you will be presented with a link to the terms and conditions of your accommodation agreement. These can be downloaded in PDF format. Once you have read and understood the terms and conditions tick the box, and click ‘I accept’ to proceed.

Step 4.

The next page you will see is the beginning of the payment process. This shows the breakdown of the available payment plans for your agreement. You can choose one of three different options, all of which are detailed below.

‘Option 1’ – Pay only the securing down payment now. With the balance of the first instalment, second and third instalment paid by recurring card payment.

‘Option 2’ – Pay the first of three instalments, including securing down payment now, with the second and third instalments paid by recurring card payment.

‘Option 3’ – Pay the full years payment now.

Once you have selected the option that you wish to proceed with click next to continue to the summary.

Step 5.

The payment summary will indicate the amount due immediately. In this example the required payment is the standard UK Down payment of £250.

Initial payments are required to be made using credit or debit card. The card used for the payment will then be registered for the future recurring card payments. You are able to change the card you have registered with the university, should you wish to pay the down payment and instalments from different credit/debit cards. Once you have read and understood the page, click process payment to proceed.

Step 6.

You will then be directed to the University’s payment system where you can confirm your initial accommodation payment.

Step 7.

Once you have accepted your offer by completing your payment you will receive a confirmation via email.

Following this, the next communication from the University will be your induction, address confirmation and arrival details which are usually sent out two weeks prior to arrival.