Settling in to your room

Once you’ve arrived and found your room, it’s time to unpack and settle in. There are a few important things to remember.

Familiarise yourself with the fire evacuation plan

Your residences fire evacuation plan can be found in your flat, whether this is on the back of your flat door or lift lobby. Please make sure that you orientate yourself to the nearest fire exits and the escape route out of the building.

Check over your room

Once you arrive in your room, please take a moment to check that everything is in a clean, tidy and working order. Our teams have been busy working on the residences to ensure that your accommodation is in tip-top shape before you arrive however if you find something that is not working or needs attention, please report this to the reception team and we’ll make sure it is addressed ASAP!

#TopTip – We have our facilities, maintenance and cleaning teams on site all day on our move in weekend so no matter how small an issue, please do just let us know!

Complete your inventory

Once you have arrived, you will either be given a paper inventory or you will be sent an email to invite you to complete an online inventory for your room and any communal areas that you have access to. Your inventory is a record of the condition of your room. We encourage you to complete your inventory as soon as possible (and within 5 days of arrival) as it is your opportunity to inform us if anything is missing or damaged. If you don’t complete your inventories then we have to assume that there was no damage or wear and tear when you arrived.

Remove all unwanted packaging once you have unpacked

Please remove all boxes, bags and other items that may cause blockages from all access routes within your flat and along the corridors. Your hall of residence has a designated bin store area for all refuse and recycling!

Don’t forget your key

Depending on which accommodation you live in, you will receive a key/fob or key card and post box key on arrival. Please make sure that you take your key with you when you go out. We give you a lanyard to keep your keys / key card safe! If you lose your key or have any problems with your key / lock then please visit your reception during opening hours or call Security on 01522 886062. Most room keys will also have a key identification tag – if yours does, then it is a good idea to remove it when you arrive and keep it safe to reattach it when you leave. If you were to lose your keys then it would stop anyone who found them identifying / entering your room or flat!

Explore your accommodation

Once you have unpacked your room then make sure you have a look around the building to make sure you know where essential areas are like the bin store, the launderette and the reception and where your post boxes are located!