Off Campus Shared Housing

We have a variety of rooms registered on the City of Lincoln Student Housing Accreditation Scheme which are located throughout Lincoln City Centre, all of which are in walking distance from the University.

Shared houses will typically consist of between 3 and 8 bedrooms and will have shared kitchens and bathrooms. Bedrooms are usually fully furnished but what is included will vary by property. The majority of properties are inclusive of utility bills and internet but this varied by property and landlord.

The City of Lincoln Student Housing Accreditation Scheme promotes safe, secure, well managed housing and those properties joining the scheme must meet minimum property standards. if you choose a shared house, you will be entering in to an agreement directly with a private landlord or agent.

The University of Lincoln works closely with landlords and letting agencies to ensure that as well as halls of residence options, students also have the option of staying in housing whilst you study. For all student housing details, visit our housing advertising site