House Hunting Tips

We know that choosing somewhere to live can be a stressful time so we have put together some helpful advice and #TopTips below.

We are also have lots of helpful videos on our YouTube channel in regards to housing and house hunting!

House hunting and are you ready to rent?

Choosing somewhere to live is a massive decision, and it is important that you make the right choices, at the right time. From the start of the academic year, some agents, landlords and student housing providers will run promotional campaigns to get you to sign into a contract early and sometimes even stating that if you don’t sign up now, there will be nowhere left to live.

We want you to know that this is not true! Each year there are a number of student beds vacant across Lincoln, so there is no need to rush into renting a house, flat or a room in a hall of residence. Check out our tips below when you are looking for your next years accommodation…


Don’t rush to rent!

Please do not rush in to renting! Make sure to think about the decision you are making and try to do some research. You may see letting agents and providers putting pressure on you to sign contracts early, but only sign when you are fully comfortable and confident that you are getting the best deal.

Start your property search

Once you are confident that you know what you are looking for, you can begin your search for your next place to stay. There are a number of different options for looking for housing depending on if you are looking for a hall of residence, private hous

ing through a letting agency or landlord, or if you’re looking to find a group of people to live with or room within a house.

#TopTip The Housing Fayre takes place in the Engine Shed on in December each year and is a great way to meet lots of landlords in person and see what properties are on offer.

Our student accommodation advertising site, Lincoln Studentpad go live from this date too and will include details of all this years accredited properties!

Book viewings...

Once you have an idea of the houses or flats that you are interested in, you can arrange a viewing to look around the property. Remember you can use this as an opportunity to ask detailed questions, take notes and make informed choices before you make a decision or think about signing a contract.

#TopTip – When you’re viewing properties, you should always visit the area more than once for example, during the day and at night to get a good feel of the area.

Before you sign your contract

Before you sign anything, we encourage you to book an appointment with one of the University of Lincoln Advice Service Advisors ( who can go through your contract with you.