Accepting an offer of accommodation from a Third Party Provider

If your offer of accommodation is for a University Third Party Provider Hall of Residence, you will receive an email confirming this.

The offer email will need to be acted upon directly and generally within 5 days of receipt of the email.

Please note that your offer will not be visible within the university online booking system where you made your original application.

The email will confirm a reservation of accommodation hopefully within one of your preferred choices, if this is not the case we would hope that your reservation will be in line with your preferred style of accommodation.

Within the reservation email you will be directed on what to do next. This could be to book directly with the development your reservation refers to, or to make arrangements with a provided point of contact.

Following these bookings or calls you will receive formal accommodation documents or links to an online acceptance to complete. These should be made available to you before you accept or are asked to make any advance payments or deposits.

To help make sure you’re aware of what payments will be required for which type of accommodation please check our fees guide which contains details for all major developments that are linked to the university.

If you have any questions or require more details on your accommodation offer please contact us via or call us on (01522)886231/886195