Moving Out Weekend

So, you’re leaving…

We know that it doesn’t seem like five minutes since you moved in, but as the last week of your accommodation agreement on campus is approaching, we wanted to give you some final tips and hints to make the move out process as smooth as possible…

1. Pack up all of your belongings

Make sure that you check underneath your bed and behind all of your drawers as we find that items often get left behind!

 2. Don’t want it? Don’t bin it!

If you find items that you no longer want or need then why not donate them to one of our British Heart Foundation Banks on campus. You can collect a #PackForGood bag from the reception in Cygnet Wharf! For more information have a look at our BHF page.

3. Clean up your communal area!

Your communal area is everyone’s responsibility. You should leave it in the same clean and tidy state it was in when you arrived. Remember to make sure that all items are removed; this includes all posters, general waste rubbish and any empty bottles which may have collected in your apartment. Recycling bins are located in each courtyard and every bin store in Cygnet Wharf.

4. Unwanted food?

If you have any unopened, non perishable food which you no longer want or need then we have a food donation point located in the Accommodation Office Reception in Cygnet Wharf. All donated food will go to our on campus food banks.

5. Don’t forget your mail!

Before you leave please remember to make arrangements regarding your mail. You can either set up a redirection service directly with the Post Office or you will need to remember to change your address on any incoming mail which you are likely to receive – we often still get letters from banks, the NHS or other subscription services the following year for previous years residents. All mail received after the contract end date will be returned to sender.

Top tip – When you return your keys, please remember to check your post box for any remaining post or parcels which are still to collect.

6. All packed up and ready to go?

Once you have cleaned and packed up your room and kitchen / communal area then all that’s left to do is return your keys. When leaving your room please make sure that you shut and lock all windows and doors to maintain the security of the building.

7. Return your keys!

All keys / key cards must be returned by 10 am on the date that your accommodation agreement ends.

Thank you for choosing to live with us. We hope that you enjoyed your year in university managed accommodation!

Please remember that we are here to help students with anything accommodation related during all years of your studies so if you need us, please just get in touch.

Have a safe journey home and we look forward to seeing you in and around campus in September!