Results Week Resources 2017

With A-Level results now released and the first accommodation offers being sent out today we thought it time to update you on some of the resources we have on the site that will be particularly helpful at this time.

Your Accommodation Offer
This page gives you step by step guide to accepting your accommodation offer whether it be on or off campus.

Arriving in Lincoln
The key questions of ‘When should I arrive?’ & ‘What should I bring?’ are answered in this section. We include a comparison chart for all accommodation and kit list for Lincoln Courts.

How to Apply
This page will be useful to clearing students or anyone who is still yet to apply for accommodation, another step by step guide that should answer any queries you have on making an application.
At this time of year we see a lot of activity on social media with services advertised for accommodation. We advise against using flatmate finder services which are most likely run by promoters and external companies. In the past these utilities have been used to harvest email addresses and postal addresses. Something we would obviously like to help you avoid.

To combat this, the university accommodation department runs exclusive residents groups. The first three we are opening today.

Lincoln Courts Residents 2017/18, The Gateway Residents 2017/18 & Cygnet Wharf Residents 2017/18

These groups will be open to any students who have accepted their offers of campus at either Lincoln Courts or The Gateway, they remain residents only all year long and are free from spam.

We hope your week is as stress free as possible, and if you have any problems please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.